I’ll probably never get over my infatuation with Pinot Noir. No two years are exactly similar, and every vintage and location introduces a new set of challenges and rewards. That was especially true in 2009. The previous year I had an opportunity to lease a small one-acre vineyard from the Sinigiani family just south of Sebastopol in the Russian River Valley of West Sonoma. Since most of the crucial decisions that determine a wine’s fate take place in the vineyard, I was thrilled to be able to have control over the process from bud to bottle.

During that first Spring in 2008, cane-pruning and resuscitating close to 3000 vines, my vineyard manager and I looked forward to a thriving crop—and then in late April, frost devastated over 80 percent of the vines. But in 2009 nature winked at us and smiled. Soft spring weather gave way to a long warm summer with no crippling heat spikes. Those vines responded to our TLC by producing ripe plump grapes full of finesse and character. I loved mowing the weeds between rows, pruning and shaping the leaf canopies while the young Sinigiani children played hide and seek.

I believe the intense, pure flavors of the 205 cases we produced from the Sinigiani’s three clones of Pinot Noir reflect that intimate connection between grape and grower. We allowed the ripe cherry-scented fruit and hints of mocha to express its place of origin. To ensure your allocation of the new Segue, Purchase Our Wines.







Segue ‘09 Sinigiani Vineyard Pinot Noir

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